.The being vintage

Becoming Vintage

This gorgeous little outfit is a special edition because it goes with my writing piece with the whole vintage theme. The main outfit is from the fantastic little store Gato at cheescake which I would strongly suggest you guys get your asses to for some of the cutest little outfits ever. This outfit is very vintage and has a sexy little label with it too, let me know what you guys think! Here is the information as ever;

Hair – !Lamb– Lady, Honey

Skin- Curio– Acorn Dark Elf

Eyelashes [ glow ]Hollywood lashes

Top- Gato– Romantic blouse

Skirt- Gato Supermarket skirt orange

Shoes- Lelutka– natural tan

Nails- Ha!

Necklace- Beautycode– Long pearl necklace



This little number was something I randomly put together. It sure as hell gave me the impression… Woah, this gal has a tough night. LOL. So yeah, I think it is hot, saucy and an element of difference. I want to hear your thoughts on this! 😀


Hair- Lamb Cinnamon

Skin-SMOTD- Bruised Fruit Tone H (Gift)

Dress- Plastik– Delyia Mini Naive

Shoes- Kookie– Green grass pumps

Tatts- Aitui Demise

Eye Lashes- Glow Earth

Stockings- Silver Moth- Rotten Toe

Jewelery- Applemay designs

The Little Big Shop 2011

April 15th-May 15th



I am always getting involved with events that really make differences to peoples life, as before with the Summer of Love Fair, I intend to really home in on this fantastic event.  Whenever I see those awful adverts on my television of those poor children who have to travel for hours and hours and such long distances, or are even forced to drink the sewage water or filthy water that contains disease upon disease- Tears roll down my face, and my heart just crumbles. Why should anyone have to live like that? I think a lot about my lifestyle and how much I felt guilty of taking our fresh water supply SO much for granted!

The Website: http://www.wix.com/lilbigshop/2011

The Little BIG shop fair/event need your amazing support in raising money for a brilliant cause: “The Water Project” A project which should touch your hearts dearly as the funds to help bring clean water to Africa and India.

The Concept

This event will be complete combination of: little stores, big stores, artists – all for the cause of bringing water to poor parts of the world.  Many small stores aswell as major labels will participate in the event, which will be held at a sim donated by Maddox Dupont of KMADD Enterprise: http://www.kmaddenterprise.com. Each boutique will house 2-4 big and little stores, mixed together. Artists in Second Life will be designer and creating boutique windows.

The Charity


Nearly 1 billion people don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water. This is a world wide issue. The reason we picked “The Water Project” is because we recognize the need for change and the need to help those who are suffering. With our help billions of people can get clean and safe water into their homes. This will cut down on sickness , lack of education, and poverty. How can we not lend a helping hand to this cause? The money you use in Second Life and at the fair for the specially made items themed for the cause will be donated to the cause. We have a goal of 500,000 lindens which roughly translates to US$1,992.34 dollars. Below you will see how these funds can help a village gain hope.

* $10 – One Person’s Clean Water

* $50 – Give a Family Clean Water

* $250 – Water for a Classroom

* $1,000 – Purchase a Well Pump

* $6,500 – Fund an Entire Project


SL Community Goal

The purpose of The Little BIG Shop Event is to encourage designers to share their talents, network, and become both mentors and learners in a collaborative community. Established big shops help out little shops by mentoring them with things like how to manage, network, or how to build and make quality products. Events like the Little Big Shop allow these great chances for smaller shops to let the world know about them.

If you want to get involved in this fantastic event- Contact Tala Swan.

Get there, enjoy yourself, GIVE A LITTLE TO THIS FANTASTIC FAIR.

Love lost.

Well this outfit made my heart melt, literally! It reminded me of something i would wear if i had just broke up with my boyfriend or something, I dont know it just felt so sad but dark. I would love to hear your thoughts on this!



Hair- Mustache

Dress- Plastik-  (Galizie-Ruby)

Shoes- Kookie (Ella Petite Flats Noir)

tears- [Glow] (Smudges Tear)

Necklace- Artilleri (Wing heart necklace)

Tatt- Relentless couture (NeedleZ)

Quickie before i sleep!

Booooootay Love-   Well this is my most favourite outfit of the week! Infact I just LOVE this outfit! It took me ages to finally find the right hair to go with this saucy little outfit but i Finally found the perfect hair that just makes this cute little outfit sparkle!


Hair- Lelutka ( Xanthe2 Hair)

Ears- V i s a v i ( epigon ears)

Tattoo’s – Relentless Couture ( Lyric tatts)

Dress- Berries Inc. ( Shirt Dress)

Boots- Abyss (Combat Boots)


This is just a gorgeous skirt and had to get this blogged!  I wanted to make the outfit stand out as much as possible, wearing less jewellery and such. But High praise to Voltaire Serpente on this Beautiful Skirt! I am a big fan of Relentless Couture and this why!


Skin- *!t :: Mary Tan (SOL fair)

Hair- Maitreya (Alex)

Ears-  ─ V i s a v i ─ epigon ear

Tattoo- Relentless couture (lyric tattoo)

Top- Emery  (Mini top striped #8)

Skirt- Relentless Couture (Gypsy Skirt)