.Misty Starostin



Okay, well as you probably know, tadaaaa i am Misty Starostin, I LOVE SL. I am English! In Second life, I have learnt a lot millions of new things, and have built very special friendships. I just love to meet new people, and love having in depth conversations with them about any topic, or even just a friendly chat, it is awesome. I am the type of person who will tell you what is exactly on my mind, some people would think being that way is rude, however people also complain about people who lie to them, I don’t lie, I tell you straight. I would consider myself a loyal friend and someone who loves to have a great laugh about anything. I love role play in Second life, but genuine role play with families; you build great friendships with role play. I love to go shopping with friends, hang out with friends and generally have a lot of fun. I love music, I just couldn’t live without it. I like various types of music but I just love Rock Music! Some of my favourite bands include, Paramore, Slipknot, Mumford and sons, Pendulum, ACDC, Anberlin, Rise against, 30 seconds to mars and Greenday… and of course a million more. I love the game poker, I think it’s so radical! I would say I am fairly good at the game! I am also a huge vampire fan! Especially when it comes to the twilight films- they are awesome! Are you an Edward fan, or a Jacob fan? I personally, am an Edward fan! Some of my all time favourite films are Titanic, Interview with a vampire, Transformers, all of the Harry Potter’s, Twilight films and beaches. Finally, I of course love fashion and photography!


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