.The being vintage

Becoming Vintage

This gorgeous little outfit is a special edition because it goes with my writing piece with the whole vintage theme. The main outfit is from the fantastic little store Gato at cheescake which I would strongly suggest you guys get your asses to for some of the cutest little outfits ever. This outfit is very vintage and has a sexy little label with it too, let me know what you guys think! Here is the information as ever;

Hair – !Lamb– Lady, Honey

Skin- Curio– Acorn Dark Elf

Eyelashes [ glow ]Hollywood lashes

Top- Gato– Romantic blouse

Skirt- Gato Supermarket skirt orange

Shoes- Lelutka– natural tan

Nails- Ha!

Necklace- Beautycode– Long pearl necklace


.Retro Hot

On a hot summer's day...

Alright here it is, Retro Hot? I missed blogging my fashion so here it is hehe. I just thought this super cute dress would look good with some nice retro hair. It’s something I would definitely wear in RL. Lemme know what you think of this.


Hair- Artilleri – Sabina Hair

Skin- Curio-Acorn Dark Elf

Eye Lashes- [ glow ] – Hollywood Lashes

Dress- Ducknipple Pruim- Cherry

Shoes- Lelutka terrecotta

Tatts- Garden of Ku– Hathor

Necklace hod– fallen

Love, Love & more Love.

Wellllll heres my final blog for today, I reallly LOVE this outfit, like i actualllly love it. I just think its so CasualGlam! Anyway, thats my wack for the SOL fair Hopeeee you likedddd my blogsss for this event! <33

Skin- Curio– Skin Acord Elf

Hair- !Lamb– Poppyseed

Necklace- Apple may designs– Sloppy pearls

Bracelet- /Artilleri/ Wooden Bracelet

Jeans- Izzie’s- Grunge jeans @SOL fair.

Shoes- Lelutka– Saffron pumps (Neutral Black)

Top- Izzie’s- Tee Yellow @SOL fair<<<< You’ve seen this slurl 4357243 times

.Saucy Urbanity

Okay, Theres one store i am soo into right now.. Urbanity. There styles are awesome! So this outift is a mashup of Urbanity but as a Saucy Workaholic, because i think it looks very sexy but office like… you know those office sluts you see, LMAO! It features some of the latest items for Urbanity!




Hair- Fri.day (Deena)

Top, Nails, Skirt, Shoes, Necklace- All at Urbanity!

.Pixie Lot

Okay so, well sometimes i am elven is SL so I thought why not go for a mash up of 3 different styles incuding one of me in my elven form. On the left, I went for a cute look  because my previous blog was rocker and so i wanted to calm it down a bit, Voltaire nailed this photo by placing me in a vintage room. The middle photo, I went for a sassy look, not to sexy but not too cute, right slap bang in the middle, the long, big hair,  really set this outift, it gives an edgy look. On the right, a saucy glow of orange, I chose this orange suit because my favourite colour in the whole wide world is orange! As you can see my elven ears are noticeable in this photo, but i espicially love how voltaire has put me in an urban area, i think this looks pretty radical! I’d love to hear your comments on this gorgeous mash up photo!

Photo taken by Voltaire Serpente

*On the left

Hair with Hood-  **DP**yumyum ( mods coat- food/with hair)

Coat-  **DP** yumyum (mods coat female)

Top- Fri.day (Layering.tank – V-white)

Jeans- Maitreya (Rolled skinny jeans- #07)

Boots- MIEL (Far boots- Polar edition)

*Middle photo

Hair- !Lamb (Breeze- Chocolate bars pack)

Top- Sweetest Goodbye (Star red top)

Jacket- Lelutka (Bolero Red)

Leggings- plastik (Full circusRed)

Heels- Lelutka (Saffron Pumps, Neutral Black)

*On the right

Hair- Raspberry Aristocat Hair (Krissi Hair- Brown Cocoa)

Ears- ::GAUGED:: ( Elven stretched ears- Emotions)

Necklace- *Urbanity* (You broke me)

Dress-  Relentless couture (bolt mini dress- Orange)

shoes-  Pixel Mode (Kavika: sunset)

Tattoo- AITUI (Wind)

.Born to be wild

 Haaaai there! Well here is my most loved outfit of the freakin year! Its Hawt!

So, this style has me written all over it, its fresh, saucy yet clean and I think is is definatley the outfit to wear if your hunting your down the wild man every girl loves, and yes I did recently watch grease 2! haha!<3

.Photo taken by Libby Farleigh.

Hair- !Lamb (Ghost-Ink)

Necklace&Bracelet- Apple May Designs (Study Jewelry)

Upper  tattoo’s- AITUI TATTOO (Demise-Fresh)

Black leggings- [Plastik] (Black WoodworkRose)

Boots- *COCO* (RidingBoots in Black)

Skin- Curio (:GP: Sundust [Dark Elf]

Top- SU!- (Lolita Long Tank Red)

Nose piercing- :GAUGED: (Barbell-septum)

Glasses- MIEL ( Miel Bella Peepers)