.The being vintage

Becoming Vintage

This gorgeous little outfit is a special edition because it goes with my writing piece with the whole vintage theme. The main outfit is from the fantastic little store Gato at cheescake which I would strongly suggest you guys get your asses to for some of the cutest little outfits ever. This outfit is very vintage and has a sexy little label with it too, let me know what you guys think! Here is the information as ever;

Hair – !Lamb– Lady, Honey

Skin- Curio– Acorn Dark Elf

Eyelashes [ glow ]Hollywood lashes

Top- Gato– Romantic blouse

Skirt- Gato Supermarket skirt orange

Shoes- Lelutka– natural tan

Nails- Ha!

Necklace- Beautycode– Long pearl necklace


.Retro Hot

On a hot summer's day...

Alright here it is, Retro Hot? I missed blogging my fashion so here it is hehe. I just thought this super cute dress would look good with some nice retro hair. It’s something I would definitely wear in RL. Lemme know what you think of this.


Hair- Artilleri –¬†Sabina Hair

Skin- Curio-Acorn Dark Elf

Eye Lashes- [ glow ] – Hollywood Lashes

Dress- Ducknipple Pruim- Cherry

Shoes- Lelutka terrecotta

Tatts- Garden of Ku– Hathor

Necklace hod– fallen

Quickie before i sleep!

Booooootay Love-   Well this is my most favourite outfit of the week! Infact I just LOVE this outfit! It took me ages to finally find the right hair to go with this saucy little outfit but i Finally found the perfect hair that just makes this cute little outfit sparkle!


Hair- Lelutka ( Xanthe2 Hair)

Ears- V i s a v i ( epigon ears)

Tattoo’s – Relentless Couture ( Lyric tatts)

Dress- Berries Inc. ( Shirt Dress)

Boots- Abyss (Combat Boots)

Love, Love & more Love.

Wellllll heres my final blog for today, I reallly LOVE this outfit, like i actualllly love it. I just think its so CasualGlam! Anyway, thats my wack for the SOL fair Hopeeee you likedddd my blogsss for this event! <33

Skin- Curio– Skin Acord Elf

Hair- !Lamb– Poppyseed

Necklace- Apple may designs– Sloppy pearls

Bracelet- /Artilleri/ Wooden Bracelet

Jeans- Izzie’s- Grunge jeans @SOL fair.

Shoes- Lelutka– Saffron pumps (Neutral Black)

Top- Izzie’s- Tee Yellow @SOL fair<<<< You’ve seen this slurl 4357243 times

.Pixie Lot

Okay so, well sometimes i am elven is SL so I thought why not go for a mash up of 3 different styles incuding one of me in my elven form. On the left, I went for a cute look¬† because my previous blog was rocker and so i wanted to calm it down a bit, Voltaire nailed this photo by placing me in a vintage room. The middle photo, I went for a sassy look, not to sexy but not too cute, right slap bang¬†in the middle, the long, big hair, ¬†really set this outift, it gives an edgy look. On the right, a saucy glow of orange, I chose this orange suit because my favourite colour in the whole wide world is orange! As you can see my elven ears are noticeable in this photo, but i espicially love how voltaire has put me in an urban area, i think this looks pretty radical! I’d love to hear your comments on this gorgeous mash up photo!

Photo taken by Voltaire Serpente

*On the left

Hair with Hood-  **DP**yumyum ( mods coat- food/with hair)

Coat-  **DP** yumyum (mods coat female)

Top- Fri.day (Layering.tank РV-white)

Jeans- Maitreya (Rolled skinny jeans- #07)

Boots- MIEL (Far boots- Polar edition)

*Middle photo

Hair- !Lamb (Breeze- Chocolate bars pack)

Top- Sweetest Goodbye (Star red top)

Jacket- Lelutka (Bolero Red)

Leggings- plastik (Full circusRed)

Heels- Lelutka (Saffron Pumps, Neutral Black)

*On the right

Hair- Raspberry Aristocat Hair (Krissi Hair- Brown Cocoa)

Ears- ::GAUGED:: ( Elven stretched ears- Emotions)

Necklace- *Urbanity* (You broke me)

Dress-  Relentless couture (bolt mini dress- Orange)

shoes-  Pixel Mode (Kavika: sunset)

Tattoo- AITUI (Wind)