The Soul

Heeeeeeeeeey Guys!

Alright, as you should know, I love to blog Second Life fashions and creative ideas but I also love to blog real creative pieces such as any writings about Life in general regarding Second or First life, I also love to blog some music in order to get your bodies grinding and pumping up haha. I also love to read, and particularly enjoy poems too. One of the main issues I try to encourage is discussions and conversations on other peoples perspectives and views. So I will be featuring a lot more of the real aswell as the fashions of Second Life and Second Life in general.

Much love,

Misty ❤


.The being vintage

Becoming Vintage

This gorgeous little outfit is a special edition because it goes with my writing piece with the whole vintage theme. The main outfit is from the fantastic little store Gato at cheescake which I would strongly suggest you guys get your asses to for some of the cutest little outfits ever. This outfit is very vintage and has a sexy little label with it too, let me know what you guys think! Here is the information as ever;

Hair – !Lamb– Lady, Honey

Skin- Curio– Acorn Dark Elf

Eyelashes [ glow ]Hollywood lashes

Top- Gato– Romantic blouse

Skirt- Gato Supermarket skirt orange

Shoes- Lelutka– natural tan

Nails- Ha!

Necklace- Beautycode– Long pearl necklace

.The Vintage Housewife

So recently I decided it was time I got a little piece of land and have a cute little house of my own. However, I love the vintage style and strive to achieve this little dream of mine. Not only have I really gone for the vintage house style but I would love to have that vintage housewife image with Second Life and this has encouraged this in Real life also. I have always had the desire to work and make money of my own but recently that desire has darkened and become disheveled. I love creating and attempting new things but it can often be hard when you are on your own. The vintage housewife to me personally opens a new way of life for any family. Instead of being that workaholic who is determined to rise to any challenge in the business world, you are a domestic goddess who worships the ground your husband and children walk on. What guy wants to come home and literally not get through the door eh? Or what human being for that matter. This is the typical role of a women and always has been but of course not every women wants to be a stereotypical woman because I certainly never, for sure.  Now it no way shape or form am I encouraging women to be controlled by their husbands because that would go against everything I believe in, but to me it is more about raising your children and taking care of the environment they live in and the vintage fashions are completely cute too. Waking up early every morning, having a blissful shower then throwing your hair all pretty up into a little tie back should be the start to your housewife life. A shower should be the start to any day but thats a different story. For the clothing ideas I would strongly suggest something that defines your figure but that is baggy or suitable enough for house working and getting intimate with house grime.  For the future I will be taking the vintage housewife more seriously and I shall follow my own advice. Becoming that perfect role is something I would never have imagined, but hey! If it spices your life for you and others then why not give it a go? It may be the ticket to a healthy, promising and loving life. But if it’s not for you, then you’d better get back to work.

.Misty Glow Logo

Here is my new logo guys, Its on MWGA website so you can got there and check it but, I had to show you guys this, I just loved it! If you want to know more about logo’s just smack me up with an IM.



This little number was something I randomly put together. It sure as hell gave me the impression… Woah, this gal has a tough night. LOL. So yeah, I think it is hot, saucy and an element of difference. I want to hear your thoughts on this! 😀


Hair- Lamb Cinnamon

Skin-SMOTD- Bruised Fruit Tone H (Gift)

Dress- Plastik– Delyia Mini Naive

Shoes- Kookie– Green grass pumps

Tatts- Aitui Demise

Eye Lashes- Glow Earth

Stockings- Silver Moth- Rotten Toe

Jewelery- Applemay designs

.Ice Queen-Soft Blue- THE FUTURE!

The Future.

Alright, I have gone for something complete cold here. I love the paleness with a splash of colour. Because I normally have dark hair, I thought why not? Lets go blonde. I think this outfit rocks. Lemme know what you think.


Skin- Lara Hurley Aimee Love blue (Gift)

Hair- Lamb Honey Butter

Shoes- White Platforms- Resurrection

Top- Plastik Ambrice Full Frozen

Corset- Ambrice corset Ruffle Pastel/violet Plastik

Skirt- Aoharu Laceruffle skirt white

necklace- Ha! You broke me

Tatts- Aitui Aka hyou sleeve

Garters- League STOCKINGS

.Retro Hot

On a hot summer's day...

Alright here it is, Retro Hot? I missed blogging my fashion so here it is hehe. I just thought this super cute dress would look good with some nice retro hair. It’s something I would definitely wear in RL. Lemme know what you think of this.


Hair- Artilleri – Sabina Hair

Skin- Curio-Acorn Dark Elf

Eye Lashes- [ glow ] – Hollywood Lashes

Dress- Ducknipple Pruim- Cherry

Shoes- Lelutka terrecotta

Tatts- Garden of Ku– Hathor

Necklace hod– fallen